Hotel Interior design_more that 3000 hotel rooms

In 40 years of business we deal with architecture and interior design for grand hotel, resort, relais chateau, five-star luxury hotel, boutique hotel, business hotel, hotel de charme, mountain hotel, seaside hotel, projecting more than 40 hotels and 3000 rooms.
We intervene to renovate, modernize, refurbish, restore, convert, furnish, decorate realizing custom made furnishings with a customized design.

Hotel projects

In our hotel projects we consider what the history and the building instil us.
Every place has its own image and personality.
Our architects and designers have transformed historical site and building of great prestige in the hospitality sector. In that case is like building a scenic design where history and contemporaneity harmoniously coexist orchestrating common area to obtain a great result in term of aesthetic and functionality.

Design&Contract_Room Hotel Project

On Design&Contract the article about our architectural project of interios of the new Premium rooms at Hotel Cavour.

The Premium Rooms, as a project restriction, should have the size of the current standard rooms. The challenge was to recreate a comfortable area and an exclusive atmosphere in the pre-existent location. We approach that project aspect expanding the space perception through the use of glass and reflective surfaces, bright colours and formal neatness and elegance.