Hotel projects

In our hotel projects we consider what the history and the building instil us.
Every place has its own image and personality.
Our architects and designers have transformed historical site and building of great prestige in the hospitality sector. In that case is like building a scenic design where history and contemporaneity harmoniously coexist orchestrating common area to obtain a great result in term of aesthetic and functionality.

Condè Nast Traveler _ Gold List 2015: Breathtaking views from our favorite hotels

Grand Hotel Timeo is in the list of the breathtaking views in the world of Condè Nast Traveler Gold List 2015.
“A unique and unrepeatable experience was to design Grand Hotel Timeo. From the rooms terrace you can admire the view of one the most suggestive and natural view in the world and there at the end of a business day I went to enjoy the romantic charme Taormina and Sicily has to offer.” Massimo Simonetti


Premium Rooms

The 6 Premium Room are almost finished in an hotel in Milan, where we had already designed 8 Junior Suite e 2 Suite.