Building and site plan
General architectural project
Space and functions project
Interior design project
Contruction drawings
Bill of materials and of quantities for bid contracts
Orders assistance
Artistic supervision



Custom furniture and accessories design
Custom lighting design
Furnishings selection
Artworks and antiques selection
Accessories selection
All furnishings specifications



Starting from a precise analysis of the location, not just as a geographic position but per its history, architecture, demand and competitors, Studio Simonetti carefully plans areas and functional features. The goal is to create an unique and unrepeatable project as a result of an accurate listening of customer needs, because our client is unique and unrepeatable as well. The project is made and drawn up according to technical requirements and realized into a precise and scheduled timing of works.



Outside and inside in a permanent relation: if the outside is the face, the inside is the soul.
Lights, colours and textures are thought, chosen and created ad hoc and carefully evaluated in a pre study stage with accurate drawings and renderings. Once the preliminary project has been approved, the work starts with executive drawings and construction details, technical documents, supplier selection, estimation of costs, execution of works with artistic assistance and supervision.



The study of custom furnitures is one of the fundamental element that characterizes a facility. The long expertise of Studio Simonetti in the hospitality field allows highly efficient solutions according to style needs without disregarding the engineering process to optimize costs and timings.