Giovanni Lombardini

Massimo Simonetti with Giovanni Lombardini at the personal show of the artist “Gli Iniziali” in the rooms of the Castellare del Palazzo Ducale, Urbino.
Lombardini’s recent creations, which focus on light, colour and reflexions, derive from the discovery and experimental use of unusual materials such as paint fixatives and clear glossy acrylic applied to laminated plastic, wood and paper.

giovanni lombardiniWe chose his works for some click here of the rooms at Golden Palace in Turin, a five-star luxury hotel planned by our Studio for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.

We think that art and design are two complementary aspects that can live separately from each other, but together they can exponentially increase their expressive power.

Our task, as for the Golden Palace project, is to make art and design interact to obtain effective results based on the environment we wish to create.